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  1. 99flix Recommended

Fake OnionPlay sites are growing, and they may steal your information or give you a terrible experience. If you find an OnionPlay that is not listed on the list, please do not use it.

Real OnionPlay' Twitter account can be found here: (created in 2019).

What is OnionPlay?

OnionPlay to was founded in 2019 and has grown in popularity since then. Millions of users have trusted us as their safe and dependable source for free movies and TV shows.

Is it legal to watch OnionPlay?

OnionPlay is a completely legal and accessible service. OnionPlay links material from third-party sites because we do not access or own any files on our server. Users publish their movies on third-party sites.

Who can use OnionPlay?

Our collection includes movies and TV shows to watch on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Is it safe to watch OnionPlay?

OnionPlay is the most trustworthy and secure website for all your movies and TV shows needs. Our sponsors are all reputable. Keep your location and cookies secure by using a VPN and AdBlock.